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Buying or selling a property in Ontario? Trust our real estate lawyers to look after everything! We will provide you with a free no obligation quotation to assist you in budgeting and avoiding unnecessary surprises.


Our dedicated team of real estate lawyers and clerks will simplify the purchase process, providing you with more time to choose the perfect couch for your new patio! Expect and demand a full review of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, title search and resolution of any related issues with the seller’s lawyer, title insurance suitable for your needs and a written report following closing.

Purchasing a Condominium

If it is a condominium that you will be purchasing, rest assured that we will review your condominium status certificate with you and will bring any deficiencies to your attention.

One area that we noticed that causes some confusion for condominium purchasers is the difference between parking units and common elements parking spaces, also called exclusive-use parking. The primary difference between the two types of parking is that exclusive-use parking do not have their own separate legal title and are not legally owned by their user who is also the owner of the dwelling unit in the condominium. This means that the user of the parking unit cannot sell the parking space separately from the dwelling unit.


Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, our dedicated real estate team will help to make your property sale easy, efficient, and understandable. We always recommend our clients to meet with us prior to signing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. However, if you did not get a chance to talk to us in advance, we make sure that the legal documents you will be signing match what you agreed on in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. For instance, we ascertain that you do not sign yourself up for guaranteeing the good working condition of the fixtures in your property, while in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale you only agreed to an as-is condition.

Other services

Purchase and Sale are not the only services that we provide! We are ready to help you with any other legal matters related to real estate such as Mortgage Refinance, transfer of title, registering a charge or caution on title; you name it and we will be at your service!

Interim Closing (Condominium)



$400.00 + Disbursement

$699 + Disbursement

$899 + Disbursement